Help this uncooked pizza find its missing slices. Don’t be confused by other food in the kitchen, and find the way to the pizza cooker after finding the missing slices! There are 2 levels in this game. Press  ↑  ↓  ←  →  to play.


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Really like the animation of rotating pizza! I like the change of player  when they  find the slice of missing pizza and become a whole pizza. Besides there are lots of other food in the scene. Maybe try to turn this food icons into spikes or traps, and it will make this game more fun and diffculties.

Love the aesthetic, instead of making everything pixelated, you make them cartoonish, which is really cute and match the the game's theme. Also the color really match each other. I hope there can be a larger notification of getting to the oven after becoming one whole pizza, or maybe you can make it appear only after getting the pizza piece. Great job!

I love the rotating pizzas. And I love this story of pizza collecting parts of themselves to jump into the oven haha. This is definitely a unique take on the cooking game genre. One suggestion I have for further development would be: what if something else happen if the pizza accidentally collects other food on him - would it create some kind of strange food conglomerate? Overall, great job!

This is such a cute game, from the theme to the visual styles. I love the pizza animations you made, the way the pizza stops rolling when it's complete is so cute. The color palette is also very delightful to watch. I also really admire your dedication of drawing so many sprites to include in the game. What would be even better is if you introduce some obstacles to make your levels harder. It'll be interesting to see!

I am in love with your idea and smooth pizza animation. I think you did a wonderful job with background design and animation(especially when the pizza pick up the slice, its animation changes). The only future suggestion would be to add some enemies and bump up the difficulty of the game a little bit? But so far, I really enjoyed your game!

Hahahah the graphics are so my taste! I feel hungry looking at that pizza. I also love the idea of it as incomplete and eat to be complete! Also the idea about jumping into fire! For the future I would like to see if there could be different interactions with other types of food!

Wow I love the cute pizza character! I think food is a common generic game topic, so can turn out obvious, but you made the narrative so unique that I was having a lot of fun while playing the game despite it being a simple mechanism. Would be interested to see it benefit from sound as well!

Really enjoy this cute game! I love the way that the pizza rolls, and becoming a whole after meeting with other pieces. Also, the control is really smooth. I'd say if you could add some sound effect to this game, it would be more complete. I'm also expecting something bad happening when i hit the hamburger or the fries! Love it ❤️

I enjoy the drawing you have for all the foods! And the animation for combining the pizza is quite attractive. One suggestion I will say is that maybe not all of the other foods are moveable so it increase some difficulty for the player to pick up the slice. Overall it's a really interesting game!

I really like the animation you have for the pizza! especially at the end scene. The idea of collect the real pizza is also very fascinating. One suggestion I have is maybe you can add some function that can make player die at some point. It seems like a one-time game for now. Good game!

I like the texture and animation you made for your game, especially the rotating pizza and how it combines into a whole pizza when you touch the missing slice. I would love to see this develop into a more challenging game by adding some poisonous food, so you might lose slice during the gameplay. But this is just a suggestion :)

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Hahaha, this game is so funny! It reminds me of a popular puzzle game in China that the player's goal is to complete a watermelon. I like how you design the tunnel only a little wider than the pizza; I have to push every other food aside to reach my missing part. It is also a little bit sad... The pizza has to run into the fire after he finally becomes complete.